Monday, March 01, 2010

Learning to Play Guitar

Man. I feel it now. I can relate to "I cant play anymore, my fingers are dead." Yes. That is me. Trying to play any chord is excruciating pain.

Okay so maybe I'm exaggerating... by a long shot, but this makes piano better in one aspect: It doesn't kill your fingertips. Its so fun though. I love musical instruments. Maybe only the piano, guitar, and drums though. Three instruments to make a good band. Sign me up, man, I'm all for it.

Random thought: I am just going to go check about this right after I ask it, but is Chicago out on video yet? I never got to see that in theaters (I know, tsk tsk me) but I do oh so want to see it. Anything that challenges Moulin Rouge has high hopes.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I got a guitar yesterday

Yay. So I got a guitar yesterday. Its only temporary (as in I'm borrowing it until I go off to college) but I'm excited. I found this awesome website called and it has all the chords that you would ever want or need, and a picture of the chord on the guitar. Its pretty nice. I'm having a little trouble playing A though, but if I could get that down I could play "The Heart of Worship." And that would be awesome because I love that song.

I also discovered that there are 2 hidden tracks on The Ataris' CD (So long Astoria), and the 2nd hidden track is an acoustic version of "The Saddest Song." Its really good. And I enjoy it. I need to buy a CD. I probably need to buy that CD. Its hard to get back into the groove of buying CDs when its been sooo long since you've bought one. But really, I figure they get all their money from touring and stuff yeah? I mean, I would not have heard of them if I hadn't of downloaded some of their songs. So yeah. I find out about all the bands I like by downloading their songs. So this is definitely an advantage to any band. I like my logic and I think it is good logic.

I feel so weird lately. Its been like this: no matter how late I stay up, I can't stay up past 2 AM (this used to be gravy for me), and I can't sleep in past noon (I used to never be able to wake up BEFORE noon). What is this? I am so confused. This whole waking up "early" is different. But I enjoy it. Its fun to be able to do things before noon, like write a blog, for instance. Hm...maybe this could be a good thing...